words from a broken vessel

Revision to the Blog

web Resurrection Day has passed, an appropriate reminder to update the Words From A Broken Vessel blog; time to give it’s own resurrection, if you will. I’ve been taking serious stock of my walk with Jesus and the purpose of this blog, especially after the many changes in my life: being in a new church for over a year; starting a new full time job; health concerns.

In the beginning, the blog was more devotional and I wrote about what was going on in my life and what the Lord had been teaching me. However, while this was helpful (and it will continue), my experiences have shown me the dearth of the Biblical worldview, not just among those with little or no Christian experience, but also among Christians themselves! A famine of the word of God among his saints.

Without wishing to be labeled a “doomsayer”, the truth of the matter is the church is in bad shape. We either dive into the poisoned waters of hyper-charismatic foolery (with unbiblical signs and wonders) or into a stale hyper-intellectualism, using it as a “spiritual antibiotic” against all spiritual work – it wipes out not only the false but removes the real as well. As the old saying goes, they throw out the baby with the bath water. To make matters worse, there is still apathy against actually thinking through things and providing a defense for what we believe.

To put it simply, the Christian church in the West has three main issues:

  1. It lacks a Christian mind
  2. It needs to renovate its soul
  3. It needs to reacquaint itself with the Holy Spirit’s power.[1]

Before you think I am just whining and complaining for the sake of doing so, let me the first to put the onus on myself. These three problems, in various degrees, are missing in me, first and foremost.

Therefore, the blog will change. I will write devotional articles like before, but also articles about Christian doctrine and apologetic issues. Maybe even a book review or two. I will share links on a more consistent basis with articles, clips, and teachings that will help us reach those three goals.



[1] I got the idea from the title of J.P. Moreland’s book, Kingdom Triangle: Recover the Christian Mind, Renovate the Soul, Restore the Spirit’s Power. To date, I haven’t read the book thoroughly, so I cannot recommend it until then. If you choose to purchase it, as with everything, measure it against Scripture.