About Me

Short Bio…

Thanks for visiting my blog! My name is Walter Correia. Currently, I reside on the beautiful island of Bermuda with the two most beautiful ladies in my life: my wife, Maricel, and my baby daughter, Ruth Ysabella (whom weIMG_5143 call Bella for short). While I am Bermudian by nationality, my parents come from the Azores, an archipelago of 9 islands which belong to Portugal. My wife is also not from Bermuda but from the islands of the Philippines. Therefore, my daughter is a Bermudian/Portuguese/Filipino – and thus has to learn English, Portuguese and Tagalog (the main Filipino language). Poor girl!

Why am I writing this blog?

There are two main reasons. The first is that I love sharing with others what I have learned in my walk with Jesus in the hope that it helps and encourages them in their walk; the second reason is that I love writing!

Why do you call yourself a “broken vessel?”

Am I broken? Yes and no. I have been broken by my circumstances, the actions of other people and my own sinfulness and stupidity. Brokenness also comes by rejecting my own life and choosing to live for others, especially my wife and child. However, I can definitely say that I am not broken enough. I am still seeing how depraved I am in my heart; I am truly a sinner through and through. The irony is that as I grow closer to the Lord, and know Him more intimately, I become more aware of the darkness in my heart. Thus, I realize that I can only live this life by God’s grace and mercy; a salvation purchased by Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross of Calvary.

Keep breaking me Lord. It hurts, and I don’t like it, but through it, less of myself appears, and more of You shine forth!

I hope you enjoy my writing and that it truly helps your walk with Jesus as a disciple in the 21st century.